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(Updated June 23, 2023)

In these uncertain, unfamiliar and continually changing times, I’ve found that my creativity has been a welcome companion to help me get through and remain calmer and more balanced! That said:

roz-fruchtman_photoshop-haven_avatar_smrWelcome to Photoshop-Haven.  My name is Roz Fruchtman. I am the owner and manager of the Photoshop-Haven Community on Facebook.

The Photoshop-Haven Group originated in August of 2001 on YahooGroups.com and consistently maintained a membership of over 8,000 members.  In October 2013, we got Social and moved to Facebook.

To my disappointment… most of the 8,000 members from the original Yahoo Groups… Photoshop-Haven Group/Community did not come with us, for whatever their own personal reasons were they refused *To Do Facebook* as they call it.  So… once again we’ve been regrowing our community.


I’ve recently re-activated the Photoshop Haven Facebook Page here:

On Twitter you can find Photoshop Haven (@PhotoshopHaven) here:

In Creativity,

Roz Fruchtman
Owner/Manager Photoshop-Haven (Facebook)
Formerly Originated on the old YahooGroups

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